What MSP is all about

  • Mindset

    Learn how to pace yourself, when to guess, and how to use the multiple-choice format to your advantage. Work on managing your anxiety and boosting your confidence. Start to think like the test makers so you can excel on a standardized test.

  • Strategy

    Learn a step-by-step plan for approaching every type of SAT question, developed by an expert tutor who has seen these strategies work for students just like you.

  • Practice

    Try out your new skills with more than 700 practice questions organized by topic, difficulty level, and calculator use.

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Smart students study for their tests. It's time to start studying for the most important test of your high school career.

Mindset Strategy Practice for SAT Math is the resource you need to get your best possible SAT score. It was designed by expert tutor Heather Krey who has seen these strategies work for students just like you over and over again. She starts by walking you through all the test taking tips and tricks that she has gathered over her career. But tips can only take you so far - you also have to learn some math! Chapter by chapter, she covers every type of math question you will encounter on the test and gives you the background information you need to really understand the material. Then she gives you dozens of practice questions written with the same format, difficulty level, and language you will encounter on Test Day. The organization of this course by content area will help you pinpoint your weaknesses, so you can turn them into strengths. Start prepping today, and take your first step toward getting into your top choice college.



Heather Krey

Passionate about helping her students achieve their college dreams by being their coach and cheerleader as they prep for the SAT and ACT, Heather Krey is an experienced instructor with teaching certificates in math, physics, chemistry, and English. She knows the best tips and strategies for these tests – and she also understands that students need encouragement and practice to do their best. With dual bachelor's degrees in industrial engineering and psychology from Lehigh University, she also holds masters of education degrees in mathematics from DeSales University and in teaching from Kutztown University. Heather lives in Allentown, PA, with her husband and three children.

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What our students have to say

Students and parents love our program because our experienced teachers really care about you and your big plans. We will take the time to learn about YOU and determine exactly what YOU need to do to get the results you want.

Becca T.

After all that we have been through together, I wanted to share the good news with you that my daughter has been accepted at her top choice school!!!  So thank you very much for all of your help and support as we have navigated the SAT/ACT/College application process during a global pandemic.  The tools and problem solving techniques you showed her gave her the extra confidence she needed to be successful.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Kerry M.

Thank you so much for helping my son achieve a 110 point increase on his SAT score! The quality of instruction provided by Test Prep for Success and its use of analytics is second to none. Heather Krey has a unique ability to convey often very complex material in a way students can understand. Her knowledge and patience gave my son the confidence he needed to succeed. Now he can apply to his dream schools.

Eishah M.

The tips at the beginning of each section were useful and helped me avoid spending too much time on a problem. The next steps section is helpful, especially if you’re just getting started. I would recommend the Combo Test to my friends because it shows what you need to study the most.

Susan B.

Heather is very personable and puts kids at ease quickly. She knows the tests, the strategies for both reading and math and she is a great PSAT/SAT prep tutor.

Anna H.

It was a pleasure working with Mrs. Krey, she was extremely personable, knowledgeable and helpful.

Sean D.

I would like to thank Ms. Krey for the outstanding academic skills and strategies Test Prep for Success has taught me. Due to her assistance, I feel I possess a new level of confidence in regards to SAT/ACT testing and a better overall work ethic in the classroom setting.

Michele R.

The tutoring really helped my son prior to the test. It familiarized him with the way to think and strategize his approach to the questions.

Ali M.

It was a pleasant experience in general, lots of content and strategy expressed in the tutoring sessions being an overall help with my scores!

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